Dovetail are awarded a further contract with Fife Council for upgrading of fire doors.

Upgrading of fire doors throughout Fife Council local authority area continues with the replacement of doors at Den Court. The sheltered housing scheme will see residents flat entrance doors upgraded to 60-minute fire resistance.

This contract is awarded on the back of the successful delivery of replacement fire doors for tower block upgrades..

Upgrading of  Fire Doors.

In response to the Grenfell tower tragedy, Fife Council established a Fife Multi-Storey Blocks Review Group. As part of this review the Local Authority committed £1.5 million for new doors, signs and ventilation improvements for residential blocks.

Having previously worked with Dovetail, Fife Council knew that as a certified BM TRADA Q-Mark certified manufacturer  all doors would be manufactured to the rigorous standards of the certification scheme.

Along with offering residents the assurance of safety within their homes, the certification scheme comes with a fully auditable trail.

Using a system of plugs containing Dovetails unique manufacturing number  allows, should the need arise, for tractability back to us.

If the need arises to trace a door, electronic records can be accessed that show the estimating and manufacturing processes that were followed.

Certified and Visually Appealing

Along with the 60-minute fire resistant flat entrance doors, corridor, communal areas and storage cupboard doors are also being replaced.

With crown cut oak lacquered veneers the completed project will be certified, auditable and visually appealing.

The residents of Den Court can look forward to the upgrading of their flats being completed within the next few months.

Dovetail are delighted that following close working with the client  another project will be going into production that fully meets client expectations.

For further details of how Dovetail can fulfill your fire door requirements see our page Internal Doors & Doorsets.

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Selection of Door Finishes